By Veronica

El Mirador

On the last day before lockdown, we went to favourite local restaurant La Corregidora with Norwegian friends S and R, before they headed off for the countryside near Granada. We must have been their last clients. The owner told us she was closing and moving to the Mirador, a roadhouse on the main N340 road outside Almuñecar which had previously been a very traditional asador.

We were a little dubious about this location for the type of cuisine she does. But when she opened last week, we stopped off on the way past one day and booked a table for today, then Whatsapped S and R to see if they wanted to join us.

We set off on foot after our Zoom Spanish lesson with Bea. It's a long, steep haul up the hill, and it was boiling hot. S and R greeted us in the car park and we all walked in ... and promptly bumped into Bea, who had evidently left the Spanish lesson and come straight up here to meet a couple of friends.

As you can see, it's not called the Mirador for nothing; the view over the whole of Almuñecar is spectacular. But the balcony overlooking this view is very narrow and only has room for four tables seating three each (because they're jammed up against the railing). The large terrace on the other side of the dining room has a view onto the N340, complete with dust and traffic fumes. Also it was very windy (I suspect it often is up here). So we sat inside, next to the window.

The food was lovely as always and it was great to see S and R again. Of course, while we were eating our dessert the delivery guy phoned me to say he was at the bottom of the steps leading to our house. I told him I wasn't home, and after a bit of cross-purposes discussion he simply put the phone down on me. Great. When we got home I checked the delivery status online and it said "Delivered". Clearly untrue as the parcel required a signature, and I'm sure he hadn't even been to the house. Nothing in the mailbox and no parcel lobbed over the gate. Sigh. I'm almost beginning to regret my boycott of Amazon.

Edit: Mystère's paw still sore and weeping fluid this morning, so another trip to the vet ... we get a loyalty discount now. He has tablets and anti-inflammatory spray and it's looking much better this evening.

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