By Terrifo

'Ere Mate! I only want a drink!

Such goings on in the courtyard this morning! I had been out and put breakfast on the (bird) table, and topped up the bird bath. And after my breakfast cleaned the inside of the kitchen window. And low and behold this pigeon came had a little walk around the bath, and then hopped in leaving this poor sparrow very unhappy, as she was quietly having a drink!

The pigeon sat there for a few minutes, then had a quick wash and brush up before just sitting there! See extra. As for the sparrow she joined the others under the jasmine for her breakfast. Such goings on on a Sunday morning! :-)

Sunny first thing but a bit of cloud building, still a nice day with a bit of breeze to keep one comfortable outside, which is where I'm heading shortly to do a bit of hoeing. 

Thank you again for all the rewards over the last couple days, much appreciated :-)

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