The risk of the early-morning watering getting repetitive was reduced by using the extra time available by not having to log in to work to add in some digging-over of the remaining bit of hard-packed weed-fabric zone, which only resulted in the breaking of one tine of one fork. I was home at about the time the kids usually get up to find that one had upkept his intention to wake up early to do more reading, thoigh he only.madenit downstairs by 07:17 rather than the 07:00 he had intended. The possibility of a morning just sitting about reading was turned into a morning supervising Edgar doing some online rugby training, after which it was time to make everyone lunch, then time to go and collect an item of shopping, then time to repair, strengthen and add spikes to the pre-owned trellises delivered to the front garden yesterday evening before preparing tea, lugging both trellises and their new heavy additions to the plot and installing them, by which time there was barely time to get home and put the tea on before the supper alarm went off.

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