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Today I gave a short illustrated talk about the free photo file management programme called Picasa. The group involved was the Computer Club linked to the Learning in Later Life (LLL) Programme run at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. Over 3000 older adults are enrolled in daytime classes there and I was involved in setting up the Computer Club about 15 years ago. There, more experienced members can help novices organise emails and become confident on the Internet in a friendly relaxed atmosphere. Some older adults have had fewer opportunities in their working lives to use the new technology, although that number is dwindling certainly. But there's so much that's fun - and that also keeps the brain firing - such as Blipfoto!
After my talk, some members went to the computer lab to have a go, and I followed on, with a Blipfoto in mind. This picture, I hope, captures the camaraderie in the clubs which is one of about 16 covering different activities attached to the LLL programme . On the right of the picture are novices Dorothy and Jane with founder member Jean (on the left), who keeps everyone in a spirit of optimism.
I used the light from the ceiling panels rather than flash which meant an automatic shutter speed of only 1/20th second. However, I must have held the iPhone camera steady as the computers are sharp. But there's a bit of movement in the figures as Jane's arm is slightly blurred as she adjusts her glasses, and Jean's head as she throws it back giving a hearty laugh. However, I think these add to the feeling of spontaneity.

iPhone 4S:f/2.4:1/20":4.3mm:ISO 100

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