Spot the squirrel???

Walk this morning. Although warm, very pleasant. The usual shady route.

We had a late impromptu Aspall (cider) in the garden with E. Since Covid, and the fine weather, more residents are sitting in the garden. We chatted to two sets of charming people we’ve never spoken to. At least Covid has brought some benefits.

Didn’t really have time to think about today’s clip. So it was opportune to see a squirrel race up the wall of the adjoining building, and then freeze at the top when he saw me. Can you see him at the top right just under the eaves just left of the tree?!! (See the extra)

Don’t normally have that affect on animals. I was rather worried when he remained immobile for some 10 minutes. So he is my Impromptu image for today. First time I’ve seen a squirrel scale a building.

And thank heavens when I checked back inside, he had moved on.

Thanks Laurie54 for hosting June, and today’s Mono Monday ‘Impromptu’ challenge.

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