The second half of life..

By twigs

Day 69 - Zespri

It was a bit windy today which meant that I talked myself out of cycling to town to do a couple of jobs and raking up the masses of leaves that have accumulated in the front garden.  There's always tomorrow - although I do have a couple of other things on tomorrow so things might be a squeeze.

I love the fact that I got nutritional and photographic value from this Zespri :)  Not only was it nutritional, it was positively delicious too.

I don't feel I can go past comment on the growing social unrest in America erupting in direct response to the death of George Floyd at the hands of US police.  At a time when the country needs strong leadership more than ever, Trump dispatches "thousands and thousands of heavily armed soldiers, military personnel and law enforcement officers", across the country, threatening violence to curb violence.  As if a global pandemic wasn't enough, he now seems to be stirring up civil unrest.  Words fail me.

In COVID news today, despite - or more likely, because of - another full-house of zeros, there's a growing unrest in the country.  With 11 consecutive days of no new cases and just one solitary person currently infected with (or rather, recovering from) the disease, there's a growing call to bring the decision making about dropping to level 1 forward.  Our PM Jacinda Adern has said that we "[had] performed better than expected".  To this end she has said that Cabinet will evaluate the country's COVID-19 position at their meeting on Monday next week and “If and only if there are no unexpected cases over the coming days then we could be in a position to move to level 1 that week," Oooh.....that sounds very promising, although we do all need to remember we're not there yet and there are still restrictions and requirements to adhere to.......

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