...todays' theme for TinyTuesday. You know how it is when bananas start getting soft, and you try to peel it but it's almost mushy, so the tinies came to the rescue, yet again. I was assured they could get the banana out of the peel, and not only did they do that, they nicely cut then stacked them up for me to eat. 
I woke up to sun and 82 degree (F) weather, so meant to go for a walk before it got up to the predicted 90 degrees. By the time I made breakfast and we were talking, I lost track of the time & it was 10:00 & already 85, so I did walk, but it was a short one, as I don't do well in the heat.  I predict that by 1:00 we'll cave and turn on the A/C, in spite of the breeze, as it's going to be a scorcher! Thanks to Trisharooni for hosting TinyTuesdays in June, and to Hanulli for her tiny people challenge. Have a great day and stay safe! :))

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