Scoots, Shoots & Leaves

By TerriG

One Street Busker

I really admire people who do this. She plays a pretty decent accordion and has a lovely sweet voice, but you have to stand close to her to hear her over the traffic and street noise that is on Hawthorne (One Street Project).

I know what it's like to sing in a loud coffeeshop or bar and I know what it's like to stand on a street corner during rush hour with a protest sign -- I would not want to combine the two and try to sing over a city bus.* She was appreciative of my attention and of the bills I tossed in her case. (She has a really cool suitcase, and an even cooler companion. ) Notice too the stripped off layers - gloves, hat scarf - it warmed up to mild today.

*Also, as an apprentice voice teacher, I'm concerned about all that tension in her face and neck - can't be good for her vocal folds!

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