New Years Day.
We’ve been looking forward to getting back to Barter’s Books in Alnwick since we were there last year. Today was the day!
We had a lazy start after our late night and headed to Alnwick at lunchtime. As we drive in we got a fabulous view of the castle. We must come back at a different time of year when it’s open.
Barter’s Books was fabulous. A bookshop in an old railway station building that has a cafe, roaring log fires and allows dogs. Perfect!
Last year we spent a fortune on books, some of which are still unlooked at, So this year we limited it to two each. It was hard!!
Miss L loves Dick King-Smith but hadn’t read The Sheep Pig. She read most of it while we had our lunch.
I had a delicious roast beef and gravy sandwich with chips. It reminded me of the Po’ Boys me and mum had in New Orleans years ago. Bacon sandwich for Miss E, steak for Mr K and a Coronation Chicken baked potatoes for Miss L. Yummy!!
We hauled ourselves out with our new books and had a lovely walk round town before heading back to Marshall,
Like last year I popped into the Co-Op to stock up on reduced mince pies, chocolate and biscuits. And satsumas, it wasn’t all bad!
We realised we needed a tin opener for the custard we bought the other day so I also went to the discount store. Oh my God it was ace!!! I could have bought dozens of bargains! But I restricted myself to the tin opener, a llama lunchbox for Miss L, a bell for Miss E’s bike, some micro cloths for the condensation on Marshall’s windscreen in the morning, some Tupperware and some nuts for the bird feeders at home.
Pretty good first day of the year!

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