By Arachne

When I booked my removals people, who at that time were not allowed to work, I asked them if they had any idea how I could move my bricks. 'We can do that', they said. Really? All those sleepless nights and disturbing dreams of phalanxes of wheelbarrows solved that easily? Praise be for lockdown and people desperate to be back to work. 

They couldn't do many of the bricks on the day of the main move a week ago, but promised to move the rest today (along with my piano being delivered to someone else for safekeeping until all the building work is finished here).

So at 8.15 I cycled over to the old place, took advantage of Wifi as they loaded bricks, then was back at the new place in time for them to start unloading. I couldn't ask them to sort the bricks the way I wanted them sorted (so that I can plan more easily how to use them - approximately into red and yellow, but look at the beauteous extra for an idea of how difficult the classification sometimes is) so they trolleyed them to the end of the garden and I rebuilt the piles. Hard work, but I think I knew better than they did what I was letting us all in for. They stayed cheerful even though they admitted it was much more work than they were expecting and they got the biggest tip I have ever given anyone. The whole move has still cost me less than the value of my precious bricks.

Backblips: day of rest & mettle

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