By scotguide

More peanuts please!

It’s been a much better brighter day than forecast! Sun, cloud, sun and a bit of a wind! No rain after last nights downpour!

I worked outside most of the day, planted the plants I bought yesterday, also planted the spinach seedlings, with the loppers I cut quite a few overhanging branches of a fir tree that was blocking the sun on a few bushes.

This is a young woodpecker, I love how he hooks his tail around the bottom of the bird feeder to hold it steady! .....even although the woodpeckers have chased the blue tits out of the wee house, I feel sad about that, and they’ve vandalised the wee house, a new one will be purchased ...reinforced ! they are a beautifully coloured bird,

A dance class before dinner, after dinner Watching Springwatch on tv, there was footage of white tailed eagles in the Trossachs in the National Park exciting! They’re usually seen around the coast !

Another grand day!
Worrying when protestors are seen so bunched together in London........this sinister virus has not gone away!

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