I was out early this morning before the rain started and headed to Aylesbeare Common.  I wanted to see the Dartford Warbler and had been given some good advice on their location.  It was a bit of a trek but I eventually found one after waiting around in the gorse heathland.  I was listening for its call and realised that maybe the bird nearby sounded like the description.  As I approached slowly it eventually came out and flew a little way away.  Such a distinctive looking bird.  It eventually came back and I managed to get a very poor photo but enough to confirm what I had seen.  I thought I woulds try and get back to the car in a circular fashion but with so many tracks I ended up getting a little lost but did come across this very colourful display of foxgloves.  Colourful being todays theme for Wide Wednesday hosted by Freyjad.

Back home we have had much needed rain almost all day, the allotment and gardens will be very pleased.  I decided to bake two cakes (one ginger and one lemon drizzle) and will be cutting them in half so we can give them to our daughter when we have our first socially distanced meeting tomorrow.  Can't wait.

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