a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Like a record Baby, right round

Abstract Thursday: like a record baby, right round

Inspired by the resurgence in the love for all things vinyl ....

Not much to report really for today.  However, this evening I am going to meet with the other chaps from the Beer On A Thursday club to have a socially distanced drink in one of their gardens, which is very exciting.  We are all taking our own (2 each) bottles of beer, our own glass, our own bottle opener and our own packet of crisps/snack.  Full 2m distancing will be observed at all times.  I must remember to pay a visit before leaving too, but I've got some hand gel just in case it is required(!)

When this was planned the weather was warm and sunny - about 25C.  Its currently 10 degrees colder, overcast and windy so I will be dressing more warmly than I've been used to recently.  But it's an adventure!

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