a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Love ...

Flower Friday: Love

A slightly odd day, all of my plans have been derailed by events, but it has been useful all the same.

The desktop Mac arrived back with a new logic board - yep it wasn't so much a question of repair as replace.  Hopefully the new one will have a longer life span than the old ...

Fortunately restoring things from the backup worked perfectly and I am up and running and working on it this evening.  It is a joy to be able to use a larger screen again.   I did spend an hour or so wondering what I had done to mess up my email set up although it eventually turned out (after hanging on the phone for a while) that the problem was at the providers end and would take 24 hours or so to fix.  Apparently there were a significant number of people affected.  All of this despite their web site assuring me that there were no current service status problems .....

Last night's socially distanced meet up went very well, with everyone very keen to follow the rules.  Dave our host had gone to enormous lengths to think things through and had provided emergency bottle openers, glasses and even packets of crisps (which had been decontaminated) for anyone who hadn't remembered their own.  We sat around his large fire bowl, getting gently smoked (it helps reduce the risk of Coronavirus according to the French) and generally enjoying each other's company.  

This morning my trousers and jacket needed washing as they reeked of wood smoke, as did my hair. But it was great fun.

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