Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

The trellis Wall

My computer is unwell.. letting it I had to leave it and go paint on the roof deck wall instead.  I think this is it... .. finito.... and the blip by default.   The butterflies are Fiona’s design as well as the flowers.   Hopefully she’ll get to come add something.  Then I went in to  watch a webinar , then make and eat dinner ( toasted cheese and salad) and we heard a big thump....I had left the unbrella open and the wind came up and it all fell over ( needs more weights) onto the newly painted deck !     Oops. :-)
The extra is the tree, bees and hive that Tatum painted when she was 6 I think.  The condo painter couldn’t bear to paint it over with the darker grey paint so painted around it.

7th night of protests in Seattle.   No more curfews.  Peaceful. Thank goodness. 

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