By Missycat

Day 74 Colourful

Today being the first Thursday in the month, there is no special theme for Abstract Thursday.  I haven't done anything with bubbles for a while so out came the casserole dish, water, washing up liquid and a straw to activate the bubbles.  Under the dish are the two fabric butterflies that belong to Violet and have appeared in one form or another several times for AT.  The usual faffing in PSElements produced the final result.
Today MR MC had an appointment with his consultant opthalmologist, where there was good news and bad: his left eye, which had a retinal tear, has healed naturally, but now the right eye has developed a problem which will need lazer treatment next week.  The consultant is hoping that one of the local hospitals will let him carry out the treatment.  If not it will be a hospital in central London.  Unfortunately this type of scenario and much worse, is a knock on effect of all attention being focused on the virus.
In other news:  it is now to be mandatory in England to wear a mask ( or face covering) on public transport from 15 June.  The same masks that were deemed unnecessary just a few weeks ago, even potentially dangerous by giving people a false sense of security when wearing them!  You couldn't make it up.

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