By mambo

Decisions, Decisions

Very strange day weather wise :Interchanging periods of rain, cloud, hailstones then sun ( not necessarily in that order).
Did some clearing out of wardrobes, cupboards and drawers. 
So far four bin bags of sports gear and eight bags of clothes for the charity shops for when they re-open.
Have labelled them summer and winter as l don’t know what season they will be accepting, will keep the out of season stuff in the shed till needed.
Still more sorting to do but that’s for another time.

Hand posted some more thank you letters then went over to Skipton using the more scenic route. There is a lovely spot to park up so l did for a blip and it was interesting to see the different weather fronts each way l looked.

Saw blue sky and white clouds to the east and grey skies to the west, had to decide which view to show 
Couldn’t decide on the runners or the tractor either so have put in a couple of extras.

Thank you so much for the comments, stars and hearts x

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