Onwards and upwards....

By Yana1

2003. Trying to social distance for a selfie!

It’s quite a challenge to do social distancing when you’re trying to get a photo of you and your friend having a meet up in the park!  We had to move closer for a split second to get this photo then we went back to the respective corners of the bench...

I walked into town to meet up with my friend Sarah for a coffee and a cake.  We haven’t done this for weeks so it was good to catch up properly.  We had a good old chinwag then went our separate ways with a virtual hug.

It’s been a lovely day again today so far despite the cooler wind but it was pleasant sitting outside in the park for a bit.  We bought a coffee at Starbucks and it was all but impossible to understand what the girl serving me was saying as she was wearing a mask and there was music in the background.  I stopped for a moment and explained that I’m hard of hearing and because of her mask I actually couldn’t make out what she was saying, she was full of apologies and took her time with me, who thought that buying a simple coffee was so complex?

My new headphones have arrived (must blip them tomorrow) and are currently doing a massive firmware update so waiting to try them out.

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