An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Saturday night...

Yes, Saturday has rolled around again it is Saturday, isn't it? and D and I are having a wee date night.

Posh dinner at 7.00pm courtesy of the lovely and most talented chef Jon, and his equally lovely and talented wife Fernanda, followed by a movie (yet to be decided but rest assured not Naked Gun or Diehard :-)  We will even polish off the bottle of Prosecco and I suspect open another one that D opened upon his return from golf yesterday.  Yes, that's how pleased he was with his round and his new swing-a-ding-ding! :-))) 

So taking all this into consideration I thought I best make an effort with my appearance today.  See, it's as easy as 1....2...3...times a lady

David #luckiestmanalive

BRING IT ON!!! :-))

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