By Kipsie

Another Turkish delight

has added a great splash of colour at No 81.
A back blip .............
Overnight rain, so I concentrated on potting up the tomato plants in the greenhouse, then potted on the small pieces of plant Mum gave me backalong. I can't for the life of me remember what it's called. I asked Mum, she can't remember, it was a draw prize at a FOCK meeting last year, planted in a container & gone mad, so she thinned out, & I received the bits. Another plant that I can sell to bump up the Rowcroft Hospice funds hopefully. I added a few plants to the front garden border. Hubby went off to buy a new rotary washing line from Trago Mills. Mission accomplished. Attempted to erect the line .............. bit of a design fault. HE did'nt want to take it back so I dropped what I was doing & returned it to Trago Mills. Not as busy as I thought it might be. The staff fetched another line, that did'nt work either so got a refund. Drove around to the Garden Park drive through, bought some multi purpose compost & a grow bag, back to base. Rang B&Q they had plenty of stock, so off hubby went, I continued gardening.

Thanks to BikerBear/Anni for hosting Flower Friday

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