The second half of life..

By twigs

Day 74 - Dewy start

The weather gurus had warned us of the 'real' winter sniffing around this weekend so it was no surprise to feel the coolness in the air and to find the lawn covered in dew this morning.  I guess we've been more than a little fortunate that we've only got dew.......down south they've had snow and sub-zero temperatures already.  I'm pretty sure the frosts won't be too far away so whilst I still could, I chose to photograph my annual (almost) 'lawn diamonds'.  Minnie's walk-through almost disturbed my carefully framed shot - she's a real mum-bunny and seems to need to be part of everything I do!  Very cute though.

In COVID news - no news.  Groundhog Day again.  Tomorrow our PM Jacinda will tell us whether we can expect to move down into Level 1, hopefully later this week.  With the continuation of zero new cases it's looking more and more probable.  

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