The second half of life..

By twigs

Day 75 - B-I-G steps forward

IN COVID news today.......

What a day!  Initially, not unlike any other early winter Monday.  But in the space of a handful of hours our lives have suddenly taken what feels like a monumental leap forwards towards normality.  

Firstly, the Ministry of Health announced that the last remaining COVID case had now recovered bringing our active cases down to zero, zip, all intents and purposes we are now COVID-19 free.

It wasn't long after this news that PM Jacinda Adern reported back on Cabinet's meeting this morning to tell us that we will be moving to Level 1 almost midnight tonight.  Yay!  :)  That's going to be a massive shot of positivity for the economy.  Whilst our borders remain closed for visitors (which denies the massive tourism industry millions of dollars) the rest of the country can at least begin to resume a more 'normal' more social distancing, no more contact tracing lists, no more limits on gatherings.....but we must still remain vigilant and be sure to take precautions where possible.  

Even Kev dropped in again to share in the celebration!

75 days of effort and for quite a few, substantial emotional and economic pain, but now a cause for celebration indeed :D

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