Miss Cheeky Charlie

Furlough Day 54 07.06.20

Church service on u-tube (I video'd myself reading the lesson using my phone (its not the best video of myself - Prison Break Passage from Acts 12  - reading starts at 18.17 if you don't want to see all of it!) .  You can read all about it on last Monday's blip!  Zoom coffee and chat afterwards.

This afternoon I tried to do some shredding which I've been adding to - only guess what, the shredder has completely given up the ghost :(  I haven't used it for sometime and just when I needed it...

I try to make some playtime for Charlie each day as she seems to be very stressed by all the boxes etc and spends most if not all of her day outside under bushes etc.(despite having feliway plugged in indoors).  house.  Poor puss, not sure what else I can do for her, she's eating etc and purring away when she does let me stroke her...

Anyway, here she is playing (chewing) on some long grass I'm waggling at her)

Then I've cleaned out and emptied the fridge freezer before photographing it as a friend is going to post it on the local 'facebook' free for collection page - as the seller is leaving their fridge freezer behind.  When my parents looked at the house they agreed it is a nice one, so I may as well use that :)

Apologies in advance for lack of commenting as I will become busier doing other things prior to the move - and have been advised I maybe without internet for possibly 2 weeks afterwards...

Happy Sunday folks :)

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