A Meandering Life...

By Skeena


Today I continued with our mega house clearout. I have arrived at the layer called 'Mid-Life Crisis'.

Back in 2005, I started a garden design degree. My interview with the head of the department went something like this:

Kemal: 'What gardening experience do you have?'

Me: 'For 12 years I watched the grass grow in the back garden of Buckingham Palace.'

I have never actually seen someone's head recoil until that day. 

I was accepted and ended up with the top marks in my intake. The problem with a design degree is not just the masses of A4 folders but the 6 or 7 A0 folders with detailed plans, drawings, presentations, etc. It was time for them all to go. When the skip goes the world may need to rebalance itself!

These cartoons of Kamel were on one of my presentations, something to do with the flow through a garden. I don't think I lost any marks for my cheek. 

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