Miss Edna

Miss Edna was my friend who passed away years ago at the age of 94. She & I would drive to church together singing songs from the 1930’s at the top of our lungs.

It could be 90° outside and she’d have a turtleneck on. Kent loved to phone her and start to sing “Let it snow” and she would complain that made her feel cold!

We once took Edna and a 15 year old boy with us on a December vacation to Washington DC. It was amazing how much fun a teenage boy and a 90 year old woman can have together! We still talk about that trip with the teenager who is a married man now!

Miss Edna loved her garden. She didn’t know the names of a lot of the plants she had but she knew how to love and care for them. She passed that down to her daughter who passed it down to her daughter.

Miss Edna gave Kent and I several plants from her garden. Day lilies, my snowdrops and some amaryllis bulbs.

This is one of my Miss Edna amaryllis bulbs. It hasn’t bloomed in at least the past 10 years. Each year the green comes up but no nice strong stem with blooms. This year we got blooms! So pretty too. A soft sold pink. Yay!

I slept in today. Nice. We had a nice simple church service with our friend, Pat and then it was home for lunch.

I did bead weaving and binge watched Netflix but took a break for our afternoon FaceTime with the grandkids.

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