By AnneILM60

Two-dot Bumblebees

These are Two-dot Bumblebees in the Autumn Sage and Honeysuckle this morning.

I was so happy to have slept through the night last night but unfortunately I woke this morning with my MS screaming at me that it was not a good day. Pooh!

I went outside and after feeding the cats, filled the bird feeders and filled the fountains and then wandered some with my camera and also sat on my little stool with my camera.

I took loads of photos. Some just plain silly ones and others interesting. But I stayed outside far too long.

With it already being a poor start day, spending too long in the heat & humidity just pushed my body over the edge. It was probably 90 minutes at least before I felt it was safe to try standing long enough to shower!

Kent was awesome and did the household things like vacuuming and washing & drying the bed linens while I binge watched Netflix all afternoon and worked on bead weaving.

Finished watching History 101 and then watched the complete series Northern Rescue.

Tommy texted me that he would be working Monday and so I called the salon to make an appointment to get my nails done Monday afternoon. I am so looking forward to it.

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