By AnneILM60

Traffic stopping. . .

. . . Family that we encountered on our way to church today.

We attended sacrament meeting at the church building today for the first time in 14 months. With all the families that have moved in over the past year, I think I only recognized 1/2 the people in the congregation. :-(

On our way home we ran by a friend’s home so I could drop a little something off for her so that maybe she’ll know how special she is.

We were still home in time to listen to Music & the Spoken Word. After that we watched week 10 of All Round Champion.

There was no FaceTime with the grandkids today as they were comatose after having been camping.

I finished the bracelet & earrings I had started beading yesterday. It is a set I did for myself last year and I had enough beads to do a second set which I’ve done and put away in my “gift” collection.

Speaking of gifts . . . Don’t tell anyone but I’ve have Birgit’s birthday & Christmas done for a while now and I’ve got Kent’s anniversary & birthday. Last night I bought Christmas presents for all my family members! WooHoo. Now I can just do the little stuff from here on out.

Take care of yourself and each other XX

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