The Whys Man

By WhysMan2

End of an... Exhibition...

This was the scene at the George Wyllie exhibition at about four fifteen this afternoon, with only fifteen minutes before the exhibition closed.

People kept coming right up to the last minute. In fact, two boys came to the door just as it was closed. The older boy was a pupil at John Paul Academy. The younger boy was his brother, still in primary.

How could we turn them away? So, in they came and went round the exhibition, finishing just as the lights were going out and the doors about to be locked. It was good to finish with a couple of pupils calling in, and typical of the way the youngsters have felt the exhibition was their own. (We'd have blipped a photo of them, as the final visitors but they were on their own so no permissions in place.).

John Paul Academy pupils were our official musicians throughout the exhibition so we're going to let them have the last word, as the exhibition closes, with their version of George's Paper Boat Song on the ukulele.

Seems fitting.

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