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Time Running Out...

The last class to visit the exhibition came in this afternoon... P3, St Patrick's PS, Glasgow.

With time running out on the exhibition - it closes tomorrow - the pupils were delighted to hear that George Wyllie's Running Clock, the Clyde Clock at Buchanan Street bus station is now all spruced up and running to time.

To celebrate, P3 had a close look at the miniature version of the clock on display and then decided to turn themselves into running clocks!

What a great group to end with, full of questions, questions and questions, and for ones so young, full of answers too. They know lots and lots about George and his work.

Some good quotations from them today too...

"It isn't bad to ask questions. It's not, you know.
That's how you find out about things.
You can ask things and then you can find out."

Another hand shot up...

"People who ask questions are curious."

We suggested George would agree, and they were very pleased about that.

And another hand high in the air...

"He put a question mark in the paper boat so people would ask about it."

I think, P3, St Patrick's PS you are absolutely right.

"I can see that crane from my house!" beamed one boy proudly.

An excellent final school visit, full of energy, full of curiosity, full of questions.

Lots of paper boats made and even human versions of the now working Running Clock!

(St Patrick's PS has been making quite a final week of it. See Monday and Tuesday as well, and the photo album of their week on FB

What a way to finish!

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