I was thinking 5 BAR gate for Mono Monday

but ran out of time before the rain, well I'll call it rain, wet stuff fell out of the sky for all of 30minutes, then it was gone again, so I'm really pleased I stayed and gave most of the garden a good soaking before it started damping.
A late visit to the plot this morning as I was meeting Sandy & Josie on the plot for an inspection and catch up at 11am. Josie messaged me to say she would'nt be able to make it. At this point I had made a yeast dough, & had it proving, cut up some bacon, made a herby tomato base, beaten egg to add before sealing & baking,  a brunch calzone to go with the coffee. Plan B ... keep the dough, make pizza for dinner. Take a slice of cake for Sandy & I.
I arrived at the plot, Richard & Shirley shouted Good Afternoon! ... Cheeky devils, I'm normally there first so have unlocked the gate before they arrive. We had a chat, Richard offered me some lettuce plants, I offered him some sweet pepper plants in exchange. Then Sandy arrived. We had a lovely catch up, the first time Sandy has met anyone since lockdown. We chatted for 3 hours. She's been making scrubs & scrub bags for the local community. She'd made me a lavender bag with some of the dried lavender I harvested last Autumn, plus a very smart mask. Oh yes! & baked cheese scones. She's retail manager of the gift department  at Paignton zoo, & no idea how much longer she's going to be off as the law was changed last week regarding re-opening.  The financial consequences of these destinations not opening is very worrying. Sandy bought some plants so another £10 for Rowcroft Hospice before she headed home.
I was trying to think of a 5 bar gate nearby that I could photograph for today's Blip just as I was passing the cemetery gates ...STOP!! Wrought iron BARS, straight, & twisted. Black & white paint. Blip done!

Hey presto! Pizza for dinner :- ))

Thanks to laurie54 for hosting Mono Monday

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