The Life Of Ponty Cyclops

By pontycyclops

Cwmlai Infants School

Huzzah .. Back up to date with my blips! I've back blipped the last two days if you want to have a look.

Do not adjust your monitor, but that sky is blue! It does happen occasionally. It is back to dull and grey for the next few days, so we made the most of it whilst we could. We also knew we were going to be stuck inside for the rest of the weekend as the six nations has started.

We went for a walk around the bottom half of Tonyrefail and Thomastown. The farms were going to be way too muddy after the monsoons of the past few days. It was fun pointing out stuff to Dawn from my old walk to school.

This is Cwmlai Infants School, where I used to go when I was still a dwt. I blipped my Comprehensive School back in the October Origins Challenge in 2011. Lots of good memories of playing in that playground when I was little. It was lovely little trip down memory lane!

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