Life in Canada

By MissMacPic

Bully of the Pond

I have watched this particular Mute Swan drive off lots of other birds from his territory; however, I was surprised that he would 'bully' a female Wood Duck and her ducklings! I was happy to see that he was just going to drive them away from his mate on the nest, rather than attack them. When attacking, his wings go up (looking very handsome) but I know it is to make himself look bigger, stronger, and threatening.

I was so pleased to see a Wood Duck family!  Papa has to be close by....  I wonder how soon the males will get the beautiful plumage that the adult males have? 

Work was great today. I worked with a great trio of ladies and loved seeing so many of the students!  In fact, I have volunteered to do most of tomorrow as well.  I enjoyed being at work, do not have the health concerns that some of my colleagues do, and I can always go out for a long walk after  :)!

I hope you have all had as beautiful a day as I have!
D x

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