Another impromptu walk this morning!

After breakfast Stephen had several work related calls (meetings on-line),so I took myself off for another walk using a different field path to yesterday’s.
It was surprisingly warm with some sunshine. I rambled along enjoying myself, not meeting many other people. Hidden birds singing in the hedgerows, flitting in and out. A skylark launching himself off up and up in a cascade of notes.
It fills the senses.
And restores equilibrium.
Dog roses, late hawthorn blossom, buttercups. Tall field grasses. Eventually a part of my walk travelled along a narrow path where the cow parsley was almost as tall as myself and brushed against my arms and legs, ending up through a small coppice of tall trees where ferns beneath are waist high.
It merges onto a grass verge which borders a road.
From that point the field path has ended.
A place of peace and calm on the edge of our urban area.
It is such a blessing.
A WhatsApp video meet later this afternoon with 3 friends.

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