Yellow roses brightening a dull start to the day.

A dull damp beginning to the day. But the rain is reviving the garden and welcome to farmers.
Hubby’s phone died this morning. It cannot be resurrected. Unless we pay a premium charge to have it repaired!
He was due for a free upgrade on his plan. This meant, as I look after the phone bills, that I had to log in and then work my way through the labyrinth before reaching the the site which showed me which phones were eligible.
Which to choose, which plan, which colour..........
All this still in my dressing gown!
He eventually decided and it will be delivered tomorrow!
Normally we go into the store and they do the exchange there, so tomorrow will be a somewhat interesting, (stressful!) one making sure it is up and running!
As it is now mid morning (!!) I need to finally make myself presentable.
All the time this task was being sorted these beautiful yellow roses were beaming at us through the patio window.

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