The Search is on; the light isn't

I’d hardly had time to recover from CMC cutting the top off of my boiled egg when she whisked me out of the door.  What a pace she set through the parish byways to visit the searchlight and gun emplacements of the Houton WWII battery.  This is one of three searchlights located with their feet in Scapa Flow.  There was an anti – submarine net located here which ran across to Scad, on Hoy.  The net was 2.5 miles long. stretched across the Flow.

The gun emplacements are up a steep cliff immediately behind the searchlights.  It’s sometimes not easy to get here – especially in the winter.  Considering their age, and the technology available at the time, their integrity is impressive.

We called in past CMC’s sister on the way home where I was treated to a socially-distanced glass of water in the garden.  As we talked Patsy McKinnon went by with her dog.  She stopped for an update.  The dog didn’t say a thing.

Home to garden.  I continue to wrestle with the logistics of the Pre-amp. 

That’s all you need to know.

There are only 204 days left to Blip this year.

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