We fairly broke out today and went for a walk around Warbeth and beyond.  We had a chat with Andy who was putting his bin out.  He’s a dead-ringer for Seasick Steve.  If he teamed up with Neil Anderson they’d make a fair tribute band.  Or maybe an elastic one.  But not of the gastric type.

We called in past to see my Mum for her usual run of cleaning / tablets / messages.  The GP came along when we were there.  There was also much banter with social support folk.

Returned to HQ and tidied the garden.  Thank heavens for weather forecasters.  They promised a blanket of grey cloud all day; not a glimpse of the sun.  We had a beautiful day.  They even have the temerity to pick up their month end pay cheques.  Who checks their ‘work’? Or leisure.

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