Day Of The Diva

By Katherineellis

Games night

Gulliver got us all to play a board game about Sherlock Holmes which was really good fun.

Today was maxes mum’s birthday, she lives in Sussex, she had a problem with her drains and a friend of ours James said he could help as she couldn’t find anybody so he was able to take Max down there (they both wore masks in the van with the windows open). None of us have seen her at all and in this last three months she’s lost her husband to the virus and not been able to go to the funeral. They were super happy to see each other and she also had some friends surprise her with a cake at a social distance in the garden. Later on we met up online with other family members to celebrate again.

I had a rather frustrating day, I have a song to write but it just wasn’t happening.

Conversely I gave a songwriting lesson to my friends daughter which went really well.

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