Slab delivery

We took delivery of these concrete slabs in the pouring rain at lunchtime today. It was a bit of a performance to work out the best way to get them off the lorry and onto the pavement outside our flat without damaging any parked cars.

Fortunately Paddy and Caitlin arrived soon after the slabs were stacked next to our clematis (blipped). They helped us carry them one by one down the steps to stack in our area (front yard), then take them through the flat to our back garden. There was one breakage, caused by me. Mr hazelh almost sacked me on the spot, but I soon redeemed myself as the stacker for phase 1 of the job, and hander-over person at the porch for phase 2.

When we started work on the second pallet Paddy noticed an error in the delivery. Although the right number of slabs have been sent, the second set are the wrong size! So the lorry will have to return to take these ones away, and we will be obliged to go through the rigmarole of unloading a delivery all over again on Friday - aaargh!

Also today I enjoyed my morning walk (with bonus graveyard viewing) and a chat with Simon at the butcher's (with bonus chipolatas). I spent most of the afternoon at my computer on a mix of work including another blog post, and on my secret recreational project.

This evening will follow the usual 'holiday' lockdown pattern of dinner, the second phone call of the day with Mummy hazelh, a game (I have won two of the last three of Carcassonne so I'm hopeful that I might win again some time soon), and one television programme (A house through time on catch-up).

Exercise today: walking (12,509 steps).

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