By davidc

Wide Wednesday: Framing - Frame within a Frame

This is probably even more quirky than some of my other blips. I was a bit stuck for an idea without going too far afield, so I just went for a local walk with my camera, looking for frames-within-a-frame. The route took me through a wood which gave me some possible shots, but I wasn't happy with them: they were too cluttered. I took a shot through a pedestrian subway, reckoning that the entrance and exit would perhaps fit the bill. But then I saw this litter bin and decided that would be more unusual! Fortunately a car came past at just the right moment. The photo was taken with my fisheye lens as you'll no doubt realise.

(Note: Other fast food outlets are available. The McDonalds box wasn't mine!)

Many thanks to Steveng for hosting Bobsblips's Widwed challenge.

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