By davidc

Abstract Thursday Backblip: "Filters"

If anyone was looking forward to a blip of a Holy Island sunset (as per my comment yesterday), sorry: the day didn't go quite according to plan!

I took my Dad (aged 98) for a minor hospital investigation in the morning - it was all very efficient and he was back home within a couple of hours. However about 5pm (just as I was preparing my camera for the outing) he phoned me urgently about a complication which had developed so off I went to his flat to help. To cut a long story short he ended up in an ambulance back to the hospital at about 10pm and then we had to wait for him to be seen as the required surgeon was busy in theatre. Things were actually beginning to settle by then but at 3am he finally got admitted to a ward for overnight observation, so I got home to bed at 3.30am (Zzzzz). (When I upload my next blip you'll see that he's OK now, I'm pleased to say.)

I had a few moments to grab an Emergency Blip (so as to maintain my record of not missing a day) on Ingeborg's AT theme of "filters" - this is taken through a filter of wrinkly red cellophane and shows the horse chestnut tree outside the window of my Dad's flat. It's straight out of camera.

My camera club pals did get some lovely photos so at least I can enjoy them and pretend I was there!

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