By davidc

Flower Friday (Photobombed!)

We have this shrub in the garden which is covered in these lovely white flowers at the moment - although we're not sure what it is! I've just got a new (ultra-cheap) little strap-on reflector for my flashgun so I gave it a try as the light was fading a bit by the time I got round to taking my blip. (It's the one recommended by John Gravett in his Youtube video about macro flash). I only spotted the photobombing insect after I saw the shot on the computer screen.

Following from yesterday's story of a day which didn't go quite according to plan, I'm pleased to report that my Dad was discharged from hospital at lunchtime and is doing OK. There's a little hitch in that, having spent a night in hospital, if he goes straight back to his flat (in a sheltered accommodation block) he'll have to self-isolate in his flat for 10 days with no visitors owing to the current Covid restrictions enforced by the managers of the block. For various reasons our house wouldn't be suitable for him to stay owing to his poor mobility, but fortunately my elder brother & his wife do have a suitable guest room with accessible bathroom and they live quite near. So he's staying with them for 10 days although I'll help out as much as I can.

Thanks as always to BikerBear for hosting FF.

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