By davidc

Wide Wednesday: Connected...or not!!

My Editor came to my rescue with an idea for today's Widwed challenge of "Connected" (hosted by Bobsblips), as she suggested this idea.

This puzzle looks very simple but it's fiendish! It looks as if everything should just connect together easily, but the designers clearly had an evil streak! The "plugs" and "sockets" have a slight taper to them so it'll only go together into the required square shape if you get the possible options exactly right. It's easy enough to get 3 pieces together, but getting things right to allow the 4th to slip in is decidedly tricky - one "plug" of the final piece wants to slide in from the front but the other from the back unless the others are in the right positions. If we ever manage to do it I'll blip it again!

(Note: I'll probably have to backblip tomorrow's blip on Friday - if I have time I'll be off to Holy Island for an evening outing with the camera club and expect to be very late back.)

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