By Tryfan46

This should be my Thursday blip

As I mentioned yesterday, there's something wrong with my Panasonic FZ1000. It would not focus on the rain falling on the top of this van. There also appears to be a fault with the macro zoom. When I'm trying to focus close up, using the AFS/AFF function with the AFMacro selected the lens judders in and out and will not focus on the object. Any ideas what's wrong or what I'm doing wrong? I've done a reset to defaults. Now it's time to get the instructions out.

Hurrah for rain. As you can see it has been heavy at times and pretty persistent all day. It's filling the butts and soaking into the soil. Much needed. It kept people indoors too so our walk this morning was much quieter. Those that we did see remarked that it we must be mad being out in this. I thought the opposite. It was refreshing and it was also doing some good after such a dry spell. Now it won't know when to stop.

Most of the afternoon was taken up with a Microsoft Rooms meeting - like Zoom but with an R instead of a Z! On about 2 and a half hours talking about the new prison learning platform. I'll reserve judgement on it for the moment. The potential is good, the developers are listening to us practitioners and I think it'll be an invaluable resource. Only trouble is that the existing prison learning platform has a deal of bad press so the new system needs to work out of the box and without any of the bugs that irritated the users. There's only a short window of opportunity else it could be dismissed by users who are less than impressed with the existing system. 

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