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By Sheol

A close shave

Wide Wednesday: Framed

I was quite pleased with the levels of detail in the macro shot of a bee that was yesterday's blip, only to find that my brother Brentastic managed a fabulous shot of what looks just like a Magic Roundabout Bee that puts mine in the shade ...  and he doesn't even own a macro lens.  I feel that Incredibish and I will have to try to raise our game if we are gong to be able to compete. 

For today's Wide Wednesday challenge I've opted for an indoor take on the subject.  This is because, in the main I've been busy with the cleaning products again at Dad's house.  Still, the bathroom is now largely sterile and shiny, possibly for the first time in quite a while.  I've probably committed some form of genocide on species of bacteria previously unknown to man, but the last thing that the world currently needs is another pandemic.

So sticking with the bathroom here is a photo of the wide-angle lens framed in the shaving kit.  I am sure that you will agree, personal grooming is as important in lockdown as it is any other time, even if it is only our nearest and dearest that gets to see the end result.  ;-)

Later:  Argh - he's gone and done it again!

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