a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Bee Time

Tiny Tuesday: Bee Time

The garden is absolutely full of bees at the moment, of all sorts of shapes and sizes.  I've not blipped a bee for a while so I think I am probably allowed this one  ....  

My brother Brentastic decided not to plagiarise my blip yesterday, but his blip, and that of Incredibish do look very similar indeed.  That Brentastic is a very naughty boy.

I spent my morning at Dad's old house, which I am continuing to try to sort out.  Dad is now nearly 90 and it has probably been 10+ years since he got around to properly cleaning the bathroom.   His wife of the last 3 years didn't really "do" cleaning, and was most resistant to the rest of the family's suggestions that they employ a professional cleaner.  

So the bathroom has been looming large as an unwelcome task.

Today I decided not to put it off any longer and finally braved the bathroom.  Armed with rubber gloves, goggles, cleaners and disinfectants I set too and by lunchtime I had made significant progress.  I am however going to need to go back tomorrow to continue the work, I reckon another morning and then a trip to the tip should sort it out.  

Later:  He's at it again...

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