a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Connected by a bridge

Wide Wednesday: Connected

If you are at all familiar with Bristol's Floating harbour you will have probably have seen this striking bridge, completed only a few years ago it is now officially "Castle Bridge) - it connects Castle park with Finzel's Reach.  

Back before I retired (Ha - I do love to be able to say that), I used to work in the red brick office block with the glass greenhouse thing on top of it to the right of the shot, in Finzel's Reach.  

As a result the commissionaire was charm itself when I turned up on my motorbike this morning and parked it outside his front door where he could keep an eye on it.  He recognised my bike immediately - it took him a minute or two longer to recognise me - my hair is more than a bit longer nowadays.  Some very gentle and good natured teasing took place at my expense.

Being a commissionaire is a fairly lonely job at the moment.  Once upon a time, with a bustling office there was always someone popping past to chat with.  Now I think that the time rather drags for them.

I took this view with a variety of treatments, including some longer exposure shots with just enough shutter speed so that you got the blurs of people walking across.  But in the end I think that it is this HDR merge of a series of exposures that I like the most. 

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