Scattered Polaroids

By sp

Since we didn’t manage Asda yesterday we went today instead. It was probably busier than we’ve seen it so far but mostly people were doing quite well at distancing. It ended up being quite an expensive trip but we got a couple of new wine glasses and a big birthday bottle for Gary.

We’re both back at work for training on our new measures tomorrow so we also got stuff for our packed lunches. So so weird to think we won’t be at home after today.

I did a bit of crafting in the afternoon, then Matt cooked a little roast dinner and I had my weekly quiz with the girls. This was week 12 of our quizzing, and unsurprisingly it’s becoming quite difficult now to think of exciting new rounds. We’ll try something different next week I think.

I also got some new threads today, my last online order was quite disappointing because I did not get the colours that were on the photo, but today’s well outdid my expectations and I pretty much love them all.

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