By wellsforzoe

A ray of hope- Carol Ann Farrelly

8th June 2020:

It’s wonderful to know that in these uncertain days there are so many remarkable people who
keep the light of hope lit for us all.  
Wells for Zoe is so lucky to have regular donations from people we have never met.  
They find us through word of mouth and as such become part of our small community.

Recently I had the pleasure of corresponding with Carol Ann Farrelly, who made a donation of 10
Euro, I wrote back to thank her and within a short space more donations arrived mentioning,
“Carol Ann’s Birthday”
I wrote back again and now I feel like a meeting of hearts or the Universe Colluding 
as I regularly say about progress in Malawi
I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting her yet.  Through our online conversations I learned that she 
had heard of us though a good friend Padraig King 
Carl Ann is working on a book of poems and the lock down gave her the time and opportunity to do so.  
She prayed for some help and guidance with her book and Padraig King, a dear friend of ours,
helped her with the practical/ technical side of it.   
When it came time to show her appreciation, Padraig asked her to do 
a pay it forward to Wells for Zoe, and so the link has begun

I am now receiving donations for and realised, that instead of receiving presents, for her birthday
during this Lock down period, she had asked her friends and family to do a paid forward to Wells for Zoe, 

What a beautiful thought.

This generosity of spirit is so exciting , and feel and hope that  Carol Ann has had the 
happiest of birthdays.  

Here’s a beautiful poem from her upcoming book.

Hope Begins to Breathe

Shining, glowing fully alive again 
Healthy and vibrant
Grounded within the pocket 
Where God’s presence sits in me
Amazing new doors opening 
Beyond my most amazing dreams
Loving myself, bags of faith
 My burden is light, I am free
Amazing new doors opening, bags of faith
My burden is light, I am me
Knowing I am being guided
 Hope begins to breathe
Leaping down mountains with ease
Dancing through the world in all the right spots
Helping others by helping myself
My intuition is loud and I obey
Living in the now I feel so alive and will not sway
Rainbows, sunflowers, butterflies
Lady Africa, drumming, dancing, 
Strong and colourful
Leaning back and letting God
Living in loves flow and care
Meeting love everywhere
Golden speckles of comfort
Dropping like honey
Revitalizing my soul  
Revitalizing me

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