By wellsforzoe

7th June 2020

As the Virus sneaks into Malawi a more serious virus is regularly with the poorest and that is hunger, especially with the poorest. 
Look us the figures of deaths from hunger in the world last year, and every year, the deaths from diahorrea and, and.
Suddenly this Covid 19 has hit maybe the developed world and suddenly we are all excited, and rightly so. But remember how lucky we are to have so much more that billions of others, every day, except for this intervention.  All lives are equally precious, and maybe, now, we get a space to realise it.
Sorry for ranting.
We at wellsforzoe, have a Girl Child Project where we support about 300 girls in their efforts to stay in secondary school for four years without getting married pregnant or both
These are two of this years 4th year class. They are selected to go to Pollytecnic University. The first one is Linda Lungu and the second one is Monica Scotch. They come to appreciate for everything you did for them ❤. They are very happy for this .
Of course themselves and their families are starving, so Florence has given then half a sack of milled maize to help out.

If they came in to our learning centre at weekends, they would be fed, but schools are closed for some time now. 

They will have no problem carrying the sacks on their heads for the 15 km they have to go.

Now we have to find funds to support them in College, seeing they have done the almost impossible in getting there. And hard as you might try you really couldnt understand

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