By wellsforzoe

A Rocket Stove

11th June 2020:

In Malawian villages everyone places their pots on three bricks and puts sticks underneath for the fire. 
Years ago when I heard that two little twins got burned when such a pot fell off the bricks and one died, I decided to have a go at a simple design for them.

The whole idea is not new but this arrangement can be made with bricks which everyone has, and the mix is soil from anthills, AND it can be built without tools. If I was there instead of Peter I would not use a trowel.

The circle of bricks on top is twofold.
It prevents the pot slipping off and
It directs the flames up around the pot. (the gap should be smaller).
SO it uses about 35% of the timber used in the traditional arrangement.

Everywhere we go now, for Forestry, Pumps, Preschools and whatever , we are teaching the women to try their hand at making these little stoves

Oh, If the mortar burns, they just re-do with soil as before
And this mortar is better for fire than cement mortar.

A little note: we also add the growing of Aloe Vera to this project in case there are any burns;

The hospitals use Colgate (toothpaste) for burns. IMAGINE
and aloe vera gel is the perfect answer and grows like weeds!!

Two simple solutions at no cost

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